Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Spring, would you please come!

I am still waiting for spring to come and I am couting the days. But today it is sunny and quite warm. A day to go outside.

Today I am very grateful for
- going to town today
- having all my work done for today
- a lovely comment from my sister
- beeing able to give my family a nice and warm home

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Montag, 23. Januar 2012

More spring

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Waiting for spring to come (pictures)

Sometimes my computer needs too much time to upload the pictures. So here is my second try. Have a nice day.
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Waiting for spring to come

Hi you out there! It is still cold here in Germany, well not as could as it is on other years, but still so cold that I am waiting for spring to come! In this time of the year I always wait for the first flowers to come out. This are pictures from last year. But so far the "Schneeglöckchen" (daffodils??) and the "Krokus" came out of the dark to see the light! I am waiting ........ How many more dark days???

Some time ago my sister began to make a gratitude list, what I think is really a great idea to think of those things in life that are just very good at the moment. So sister, if you don´t mind I try to make that list every time I post.

So let´s begin, today I am grateful for
- having some computer time right now
- having two wonderful boys in my life
- beeing with my husband for 19 years so far
- getting a nice cup of coffee
- having a fullfilling job

Have a nice day and thanks for your comments on my earlier posts.

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012